Learning with Lines; Introduction to the Movement.

Hello and welcome to learning with Lines.

What is Learning with Lines? You may be asking. I will answer that in a jiff  but first, I would love to do a background check to fill you in on the genesis of this movement.

Simon Chege-1559

I am Simon Chege, a Kenyan based photographer with an expansive interest in the field, ranging from portraiture, beauty and event photography, to photo retouch and photography training. I am the lead photographer and retoucher at Lines Photography Kenya, a Nairobi-based photography and photographic services provider. My short photography career is a few months short of three years and so far, so good. My  journey has been an interesting one of learning on the go. See, being an environmental science graduate from Kenyatta University, I should mention that I’m a self-taught photographer, with 90% of my skills acquired online.

When I was starting my career back in 2016, I was a blank page. Apart from the basics of photography that I had learned with my phone and point-and-shoot digital cameras, the world of professional cameras, lights, modifiers, lenses etc. was exciting and intimidating in equal measure. When I held my first camera, a Nikon D3200 in my hands in February 2016, photography as I knew it changed. From just a capture button, now I had ISO, aperture and shutter speed, countless buttons and menus to contend with, mention speedlites and a soft box and I literally knew nothing.

Creative Concept, Plastic Nab Ke, 2017 to mark the ban of plastic bags in Kenya.
Plastic Nab Ke, Creative Concept, August 2017.

From the onset, it was clear I had a lot to learn. Where from, was the problem. See, back then, from my experience, very few photographers were willing to share some of that knowledge they had my way. Some would not even tell me what camera they use; leave alone how they use it. Phones went unpicked, DMs unreplied among other signs that read “I don’t feel like sharing my knowledge.”

I got frustrated and demoralized at some point, till I discovered what gave life to my photography career, the internet. Before the photography bug hit me, I was an academic writer, but I wrote my last order the day I got my first camera. I went back to the web, this time not to do academic  research, to learn photography, and learn photography I did in deed.  Almost everything I know in this field I have acquired from the internet, including buying the famous Moose Winan’’s cheat cards.

Studio work Portfolio cover page
Lines photography Kenya studio work portfolio 2018/2019 Cover page.

Over time, with consistent web research and practice, I have grown my skills and brand Lines Photography Kenya to a good rating in the industry and tables started turning. It was now me getting the questions I used to ask a few years ago. New and growing shooters would bombard me with questions about photography on various platforms and I remembered this was me 2 years go, and decided to do what I wish those I asked questions back then would do, answer them. I always try to answer every photography question I get to the best I can, even if it means researching on it like it is my own query.

Lake Magadi by Lines Photography
Lake Magadi, Landscape, 2017.

Over time, the inquiries increased in number and I decided to create an avenue through which the reply to one photographer’s question would benefit many more, myself included. This is where Learning with Lines as born. Learning with lines is an online based photography learning and interaction platform that photographers of different levels use to learn, share and interact as we get better and earn from our craft. Currently, starting with this blog site, we have the following avenues; Whatsapp group, Youtube channel, Facebook Page, Facebook group, Instagram and Twitter accounts; all with the aim of making the journey of photography a little easier for all of us. For a taste of what we do, our Studio Work, Events and Creative portfolios are a just click away.

Lines Photography Events portfolio cover.
Lines photography Kenya Events portfolio 2018/2019 Cover page.

As the name suggests, it is learning WITH, not from. I am also still a very young photographer with a long way to go and a lot to learn. I’m actually  yet to find a niche for myself in this broad field of pro photography. I believe, all photographers, at different levels, have something to share and more to learn. When we learn together we grow faster together because as I always say, sharing is learning again. This is the philosophy I hold as a photographer and this is the leading motivation behind learning with lines.

That is all I have for today.  Just to add, each post here will have an accompanying YouTube video. The video for this article is available here make sure to check it out. Subscribe to our avenues, and don’t forget yo drop a reaction in the comments box and join our mailing list. I publish weekly, see you next week…..


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